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EarthView Environmental, Inc. (EVE) is an Iowa-based, natural resource consulting firm committed to moving projects forward since 1998. Our experienced and committed staff includes wetland professionals, geologists, geographers/GIS analysts, environmental scientists, hydrologists, biologists and geoarchaeologists/archaeologists. EVE is dedicated to providing expertise in land use and natural resources planning such as environmental clearance/permitting, wetland services, threatened and endangered species surveys, stream bank restoration, hydrology studies, sustainable development opportunities, stormwater best management practices, watershed studies and geoarchaeological and geomorphological services. We also provide management and maintenance of natural areas such as woodlands, wetlands and prairies with best management practices including prescribed fire.

EVE has provided environmental services to municipalities, county conservation boards, RC&D's, land use planners, developers, and private landowners. EVE helps clients through the regulatory compliance process and provides cost effective planning, innovative design options, funding opportunity options, project implementation, maintenance and monitoring. We have also completed mitigation plans and provided maintenance and monitoring of mitigations/conservation efforts.

The key to a successful project is coordination. Our project managers listen to your ideas, keep you informed, and give your project the attention it needs to keep it within budget and on schedule.



EarthView believes it is important for our company to exchange ideas with others, stay current on environmental issues, and contribute to science and to our community.

EarthView Environmental, Inc. is . . .

*Fully Insured, Certified, Targeted Small Business

*Iowa DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

*Iowa DOT Pre-Qualified Work Categories:

- 352 Comprehensive Archaeological Services
- 353 Environmental Specialty Studies
- 356 Hydrogeology, Geomorphology & Other Geological Disciplines
- 358 Specialized Wetland Services
- 362 Threatened and Endangered Species Services
- 381 Geographic Information System (GIS) Services




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